Let’s recycle
our old schoolbooks

book image

Make your choice

Because the second-hand market
is also good for schoolbooks

Donating or choosing schoolbooks that have already been used means you can give the books a new lease of life.

And all of this, of course,
is good for the books, for you, for other people and for the planet!

By donating your books, you avoid needless over-consumption and the waste of tonnes of paper, plastic and litres of ink.

And what’s more,
you have everything to gain!

If you collect books from a student who no longer needs them, you will receive a voucher for 50% of the value of the new schoolbooks you should have purchased in a bookshop. This voucher will be added on your “book voucher” in the mybooks app. With this voucher, treat yourself to the books of your choice (comics, novels, etc.).

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