You don’t use them anymore?
Give them away!

Join the
community and give your schoolbooks a second life!

Let us give you a quick rundown!

Let’s sum it up…

is good for schoolbooks.

Giving away or choosing pre-owned schoolbooks gives them a second life by putting them back into circulation.

And all of this, of course,
is good for the books, for you, for the planet, for everyone!

Giving away your schoolbooks helps prevent overconsumption and the waste of tons of paper, plastic, and litres of ink.

And on top of that,
you have everything to gain!

If you collect books from another student, you can visit your usual bookshop and receive a 50 % voucher of the value of the new schoolbooks you should have got. With this voucher, treat yourself to the books of your choice (comics, novels, etc.).

Ready to get started?

Keep an eye
on book fairs.

Keep an eye on book fairs at your school. No book fair planned? Organise one with your friends!

Pluck up
the courage to be part of it!

Looking for books?
Don’t hesitate to ask the students in the class above yours.
Want to give away your books?
Offer them to the students following you!

And in 2024,
it will be even easier to give away or collect your books!

A free and user-friendly online classifieds platform will be launched in 2024, allowing you to easily give away your old schoolbooks… or find your future schoolbooks!